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A Bright Future with JLC

We’re always keen to be involved with the local community, and at one of our annual ‘Meet the Buyers’ meetings of local businesses who work in and around Gatwick airport, we were introduced to Richard Lamplough of ‘A Potential Diamond’, and entered discussions with him about employing an individual from the area with learning disabilities.

The scheme is designed to aid young people who, because of a learning disability have been overlooked for employment in the past, an opportunity to become a valued member of the workforce.


We were introduced to Liam and initially he began working with us two or three mornings a week, and this has now been increased to five days a week from 9am – 2:30pm.

Liam’s role includes assisting our qualified engineers in assembling components in our workshop for installation in the field, and aiding our own internal manufacturing process of Aircraft FEGP cable looms, storeroom duties and general warehouse work.

Liam is already seen as a valuable employee of JLC, an integral part of our team and has settled into the working environment well. It’s been rewarding to see him grow in self-confidence and have a pride in his employment.

We are delighted we gave this young man this opportunity, and we look forward to watching him grown and develop within JLC.