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One-Way Corridors / Security Doors

toran_2One-way security doors (also known as anti-walkback systems) have been specifically designed to only allow one-way pedestrian access or egress, particularly to secure areas, such as those at airports.

The most important feature of our one-way security doors are the two interlocked doors that open automatically in the direction of traffic but, in the event of any movement in the opposite direction, the alarm will activate and the automatic security door will close and lock, preventing unauthorised movement.

We use a pedestrian direction detection system, which ensures the system is completely safe.  The one-way door can be controlled locally or remotely and incorporates low energy interior and exterior LED lighting.  The doors can be configured as a single or multiple corridor unit.

A popular application is use at the entrance or exit from a high security zone (eg a disembarking zone at an airport, after baggage reclaim etc), to a less secure zone (eg baggage reclaim).  The one-way doors meet the security requirements for airport security doors, and are also suitable for use at seaports, train stations and other locations.

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