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Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Swing doorsAutomatic swing doors (also known as automated swing doors) are ideal for use where space is an issue and access for the user is difficult. A variety of automatic swing door openers kits accommodate doors of differing sizes and weights and can be used to automate existing doors or for new installations. Their flexibility, durability and silent movement makes them suitable for both exteriors and interiors, double or single doors, and they can be mounted on either side of the doorway.

Our automatic swing doors have unlimited applications, particularly for private/public access points for disabled persons or premises with heavy traffic and a limited space. They also offer high energy efficiency and a vast range of accessories geared to user safety and requirements

In addition to the usual ‘Push & Go’, exit only functions, automated swing doors have other uses such as a courtesy function for the disabled, and an automatic increase in the opening and closing force when it is windy.  They also allow the option of increasing the standby time when there is a high traffic flow or simply deactivating the automatic operation, and using the door as a manual swing door, when necessary.

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